Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter - candy for kids? Free air?

We were lucky enough today to be invited over to a friend's house for a gi-normous easter bash. Twenty relatives, six kids and us  - the two friends. We're horribly spoiled to be a part of this family. We love them dearly and they treat us so well.

On the way down to the house, we stopped so Mr. M could put air in the tires. While he ran inside the gas station to get some quarters, a woman pulled up next to us, popped her quarters in and filled her tires.
As M was walking out - she handed him the still running nozzle, said "Happy Easter - want some free air?" and sped away..

How something so simple can have such a profound effect. Mr. M was in a great mood - we went down to see the kiddos go on a massive easter egg hunt, get themselves all crazy on sugar and we all ate too much food.

As the end approached, I asked the littlest for a goodbye hug. She threw herself into my lap, professed her love, made sure she covered my lovely silk blouse with pink peep goo and all I could think was: what an amazing easter sunday. The kids got candy. M got free air. And I'm covered in pink-peep love.

All is good.

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