Saturday, February 19, 2011

The kindess of the community

We're displaced. It is official. They haven't even started the restoration work on our home and because of that, today is our three week anniversary of hotel living. I've decided to look on the positive side of things... We have someone who makes our bed and cleans our house. We have underground, heated parking in the middle of winter! We have a breakfast buffet every morning!
And every night, we get to dine in one of the fabulous restaurants that Hartford has to offer. Now, we're staying above a bar/comedy club - and we haven't ventured in there even once. About twenty steps away from our front door is the front door of this great restaurant that we've always loved, called Dish.
I must say, over the last three weeks, these guys have really risen to the occasion.. They have gone out of their way to make this time in our life a little easier.. Our favorite waiter - Gary, the night managers - Audrey and Doreen.. They really have gone above and beyond to make our life a little better, a little easier, a little gentler.
And they've done it simply by greeting us, making us feel like a part of their restaurant family - always asking how the house is coming along. Not only do we get great food and exceptional service - we get a personal touch that makes us feel, well, a little bit more "normalized".
Thanks to the entire Dish family for making this time in our life a little bit easier.

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