Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Delta airlines - ice storms and snow.

I didn't perform a random act of kindness today - but someone bestowed one on me. I was supposed to fly from Dallas where I was giving a speech, through Atlanta, to Hartford tonight. If any of you have been watching the news, you know that Atlanta was closed because of an ice storm..
Delta rebooked me through Detroit. All was fine until Detroit started getting freezing fog (yup, fog) and snow. My connection from Detroit to Hartford was cancelled. No hotels available within miles of the airport. The option they rebooked me for was to stay in Detroit over night and then fly to Cinci in the morning. Then keep your fingers crossed and we'll go from there.
One of the joys of traveling over 150,000 miles a year is that you get status on airlines you are loyal to. I'm Diamond. That's the cream of the crop for Delta. If any of you have seen Up in the Air, I am the female version of George Clooney.
Anyhoo - called the uber-special-Diamond line where they answer their calls with "thank you for your loyalty"... This woman, named Kathy, who has the best laugh I've ever heard literally walked me (while I ran) through the Detroit airport and got me on a flight that was sold out and I shouldn't have been able to get on. I'm not sure how, and I don't even want to know, but this woman, who doesn't know me at all, stayed on the phone with me for over 25 minutes, working with a super bitch, yup, I said it, gate agent and GOT ME ON THAT PLANE.
It was the last plane that landed in Hartford tonight. We're expecting something like 14 inches of snow between tonight and Wednesday evening.
This woman got me home. And she did it because I really needed to get home. And she knew it.
Random act of kindness.

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