Monday, January 31, 2011

Been gone for a bit

I'll catch you up on the last two weeks - I have some new theories post our time in Hawaii.. Tonight - coming home from my first day back at work - cold, tired, ready to be done for the day.. I was sliding my way down our very non-shoveled/de-iced driveway at our condo complex swearing under my breath the entire time at building management and myself for wearing heels..
I look up, still swearing under my breath, and notice that one of my neighbors - a guy I don't even know very well, has now been standing at our front door for over two minutes, waiting for me to navigate my way down the slippery slope of death that is our driveway.
I looked at him and said "I'm slow - go on in" and he responded with a "I'm in no rush, take your time, just want to make sure you make it in ok tonight".
Random act of kindness that made my entire day better.

1 comment:

  1. I love our neighbors.

    And this winter has not been friendly for nice shoes or boots. My poor Donald J. Pliners are having withdrawal....