Sunday, January 9, 2011

The joys of facebook.

Yesterday, I changed my status to this:

I much prefer random acts of kindness to senseless acts of violence.

This morning, as I sit in my comfy leather chair and watch hours after hours of coverage on the shooting rampage in Arizona, I find myself with tears streaming down my face. I usually only cry at good comedians..

On National Pay it Forward Day, in December, I happened to be in New York. I was supposed to go have a fancy dinner with a bunch of executives at a fancy restaurant. It had been a long commute to the city that day, so I bowed out of dinner.

Instead, I decided I wanted to go for a walk. As a wandered the streets of the city, I stopped into one of my favorite pizza places for a slice. I sat at the counter, eating my slice and thinking to myself about how lucky I am.

I went back up to the ordering counter and ordered 5 slices of pizza, asking the guy to wrap each one individually.. I walked the block to Bryant Park and started handed out slices to the homeless that sleep there at night.

Random act of kindness.

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