Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

22.4 inches here in Hartford. I spent most of the day with dueling laptops, working my way through what was my last day before our long awaited vacation.. I plowed through the day, sending off power points, leaving last instructions, and watching the snow pile up like mad on my deck.

Made it through the day and the snow finally stopped... I made dinner for us and post dinner, instead of donning fuzzy jammies and slippers, M and I decided to go for a walk through our little winter wonderland of Downtown Hartford. Because I'd been inside all day, I really felt like I hadn't had the opportunity to even attempt a random act of kindness..

There really weren't people out on the streets.. A couple of restaurants managed to open.. People laughing and drinking inside the warm walls.. The city was almost totally all ours! We even got to walk down the middle of some of the streets. It was awesome. One of those nights when I love my little city..

After wandering around for a while, we decided to head home.. The sidewalks were pretty slippery, and as we rounded one of corners, we saw an elderly couple coming towards us. She was several steps ahead of her husband, and kept looking back over her shoulder, checking on him. He was walking down the sidewalk, clutching onto street signs and a cane in his other hand.

I asked him if I could offer him a hand. He looked so offended - it made me sad. This gentleman was no match for the sidewalk with its steep grade, yet he refused our help. I looked at M a bit helplessly, and we went on our way.. Singing christmas carols as we walked down our streets home..

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  1. It is an unfortunate side effect of our culture that acts of kindness are so few and far between that they often elicit distrust and suspicion on the part of the recipient. I hope when I'm battling an icy hill that someone like you offers help... I'll take it!