Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hawaii and kindness

We spent two weeks in Hawaii, just returning to the frigid northeast..

While we were there, it was beyond evident to me that the lifestyle of the islands simply lends itself to all sorts of random acts of kindness. People said hello to us on the street (and not just the howlies).. We had great service everywhere we went (even outside, and I mean WELL outside the tourist zone). Peopple were friendly and happy and kind to each other. Even the homeless people were friendlier than they are in New York.

I kept catching myself thinking - why are people so much happier here???

I wonder - is it because people are nicer to each other and it has spread and grown? I watched people hold doors, pick up packages for each other - and hell, who couldn't love being greeted with a flower necklace.

Is there something we can learn from a culture on an island that is not just kind and good and calm - but filled with so many random acts of kindness that it was hard to call out one or two - because it was simply a way of life..

What did you do today?

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